Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two color intricacies

Fancy design today by V!


  1. Like the little bit of blue V added in there.

  2. What have you learned so far by doing this eyebrow project? it seems pretty interesting. What kind of responses do you get. it seems positive and also cooperative. What kind of experiences have you had with it?

  3. @Eliza Yeah! I am really enjoying this blue! I need to get some more colors from Mac when I get some dollers [sic :P].

    @Dep64 You'd be shocked how hard it is to write backwards on your own face! Also, I've learned that having even just a few followers on my blog holding me responsible really steps up my ability to follow through, a great thing to know as I try to kick off a writing career. It's been a blast having friends do whatever they want on my face (and thankfully, no phallic images have been done! I have good friends). As far a responses, I get a lot of weird looks, and an insane number of people asking if they are "real tattoos" or if they hurt. Every once in a while I get a compliment on the design or a suggestion for future eyebrows, too.